NaaS for Education

Nuggets as a Service

NaaS is a complete ecosystem designed to facilitate the reuse of digital content in education. Thanks to a specific production engineering, you will be able to develop, manage, integrate your nuggets in educational platforms and control their pedagogical use.

NaaS big picture


NaaS big picture

NaaS is an ecosystem based on various essential components. First, the Digital Nuggets Factory is a methodology supporting the design of nuggets and their implementation with the NaaS-Author tool. This tool offers the means to edit nuggets based on H5P technology and manage versions and share the creation between several people. It is the gateway to the NaaS server, which stores and distributes Nuggets in a very efficient and scalable way. They are dynamically integrated into all kinds of digital learning platforms such as Moodle or any other LMS, or even handcrafted platforms such as Micro-Learning. Learning analytics will feed the consumer platform in such a way as to provide adaptive education.

Nuggets for Learners

Learners are using nuggets through various EdTech platforms and in different educational situations.

Nuggets for Teachers 

Experts & professors supported by instructional designers invest in ADN and reuse it in many educational situations.

What is a Nugget? 

ADN stands for "Aerospace Digital Nuggets": it is a decontextualized micro-content aimed at pedagogical performances and optimizing re-utilization across various pedagogical use cases and platforms. It implements a chunk of knowledge covering a specific notion in less than 30mn.
It may be used individually, e.g., through a Microlearning platform, or as a primary component for a more extensive training program in a Learning Management System like Moodle.


Nuggets Features

From a pedagogical point of view 
Single learning objective

Nuggets are covering a single learning objective that must be covered in less than 30 minutes. This leads to content that is short to learn and short to produce.


ADNs are decontextualized contents without reference to time or prerequisites (i.e., which may exist but are not explicitly expressed in the content other than by metadata).

Pedagogical input

ADNs are pedagogical inputs to more extensive courses or learning experiences. It also includes exercises or quizzes to enhance learner motivation.

Learning analytics

Standardized learning traces (with xAPI) are collected in compliance with the GDPR. It offers adaptive tracking and training perspectives.

From a technical point of view 
Service oriented

ADNs are implemented with the Nuggets as a Service paradigm. This allows a fully instrumented approach with no copy of the information,  easy management, and access control.

Reusable & integrable

Using the NaaS ecosystem ensures powerful but simple integration and diffusion access control over many learning platforms. It leads to possible reuse in various pedagogical situations.

Interactive & Responsive

Thanks to the underlying H5P opensource and extensible technology, the nuggets are fully  interactive and responsive. All this can be achieved with no coding.

Metadata for easy usages

ADNs are documented with metadata (e.g., title, author(s), keywords,  etc.) for easy management and retrieval.  

ADN Gallery 

Few examples of open education Aerospace Digital Nuggets.

An ADN about the airplane geometry implementing a Geogebra-based exercise


An ADN about vibration implementing an IREAL lab.


An ADN about aviation history implemented with a video and a text-to-speech artificial voice

An ADN about Lagrange equation explained in video using lightboard system. 

How to access to nuggets?

There are various ways to access to reusable digital micro-contents


The MLEARN platform

UNIVERSEH is an ongoing European University. MLEARN offers direct access to Space oriented nuggets. It provides to its students the product of various partners constituting the European University about space: 

Groupe ISAE Microlearning

The groupe ISAE Microlearning platform

The ISAE Group's vocation is to unite schools in the aerospace engineering field under a standard banner. This platform is a joint effort to build an aerospace micro-learning repository.


Access through LMS

Nuggets can be integrated into eLearning courses or MOOCs, by the way of any LMS that implements the LTI standard (Learning Tools Interoperability). We also develop a plugin for Moodle software easing the nugget integration.

NaaS Ecosytem Features


  • H5P editor
  •  Nugget Preview
  • Nugget types
  • Nugget patterns (soon)
  • Internal Collaboration
  •  Nugget Versioning
  • Publication workflow
  • Nugget Licensing 
  • Intellectual property
  • Institution management
  • Distribution space management
  • Nugget export
  • Nugget metadata
  • Learning analytics for authors (soon)


  • Access control
  • Scalability & performance
  • High-speed HTML serve
  • Nuggets backup
  • Learning traces
  • LTI compatible
  • NaaS API
  • Learning traces 
  • UFTMIP hosting in France

Moodle plugin

  • Moodle 4 compatible
  • 1-click nugget integration
  • Facet search
  • Moodle 4 compatible
  • Secret Key to distribution space


  • Automated editorial politics
  • Secret Key to distribution space
  • Facet search
  • Producer institutions space
  • Nuggets Author space
  • Learning analytics for learners (soon)
  • Adaptive learning (soon)

How to teach with nuggets ?

IDEA Team members contributing to UNIVERSEH

Who developped NaaS ecosystem?

The NaaS ecosystem is developed by the IDEA team (Innovative Digital Education for Aerospace) of ISAE-SUPAERO.

The development team thanks all the members of the UNIVERSEH European project and, in particular, the Pedagogy Working group for their support and suggestions.

NaaS and its ecosystem is an original idea developped by the IDEA teams in ISAE-SUPAERO.

Contact Info

IDEA Team, ISAE-SUPAERO, 10, avenue Édouard-Belin
BP 54032 - 31055 Toulouse CEDEX 4

Toulouse, France

+33 5 61 33 80 80

Please feel free to contact us using the form.

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NaaS has been originally launch by ISAE-SUPAERO