Integrate nuggets into your platforms

Moodle Nugget Plugin

The "Nugget" Moodle plugin simplifies the integration of Nuggets into the course spaces of a Moodle platform. It acts as a resource activity to search and integrate Nuggets that the platform has access to.
With the default configuration, only open-access nuggets are made available.

Snaptshot Moodle Nugget Plugin

How does it works?

The Moodle NaaS plugin installed on your Moodle platform appears as a new resource in the Moodle course spaces. Configured with the default key or a private key (contact us), it allows the teacher to visually select a nugget from those available on the platform and make it available to his students.

Nugget Search Engine

Un moteur de recherche puissant permet de trouver rapidement le nugget qu'il faut à l'enseignement pour compléter son cours.

Moteur de recherche

En un click, le nugget est installé et mis à disposition des apprenants ayant accès à l'espace de cours.

Nugget plugin, NaaS server and privacy

The plugin communicates with the NaaS server through an API based on LTI to ensure access, provide results and build educational recommendations through learning traces. When the learner access and interacts with the Digital Nugget embedded into the LMS course space, his learning usages (e.g., video views, interaction and results in quizzes, etc.) are collected through learning traces. Depending on plugin settings, personal information is recorded or not. 
The plugin provides the target Moodle platform administrator the possibility to allow or not the sending of learners' personal information (i.e., email and/or name)
• If none of the information is selected, the personal data transfer is not validated, then no personal information is sent to the NaaS infrastructure when the learner access and learns with a nugget.
• If one or more personal information is selected, the associated learner's personal information is communicated to the NaaS platform when he accesses and learns with a nugget. In this case, the learner can be easily "forgotten" on simple demand from the NaaS infrastructure by removing personal information.

The collected data allows:
• to build a statistical analysis that will allow providing Nuggets usage and performance statistics
• share the learning analytics with the Nuggets' producers to offer pedagogical services to Nuggets authors (i.e., professors) such as to help them optimize their contents. 
• to achieve scientific study on Microlearning;
In addition, if the learner's personal data is allowed, we will be able to provide higher value services such as adaptive learning, and personal learning analysis. This led e.g., to personal metrics and suggestions for other Nuggets learning and other innovative services

NaaS and its ecosystem is an original idea developped by the IDEA teams in ISAE-SUPAERO.

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IDEA Team, ISAE-SUPAERO, 10, avenue Édouard-Belin
BP 54032 - 31055 Toulouse CEDEX 4

Toulouse, France

+33 5 61 33 80 80

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NaaS has been originally launch by ISAE-SUPAERO